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Soccer Talk presented by Kick It Forward

Feb 19, 2021

And we are back with the hot topic of Iowa youth soccer: the discussion surrounding the Iowa Soccer League (ISL) vs. the Club Development League (CDL). Today we welcome Matt Carver to the studio as a representative of the Iowa Soccer League. Carver founded and runs the Iowa United FC in Urbandale, which was formerly the J-Hawk Soccer Club. Iowa United FC was created to provide a low-cost, volunteer led and volunteer coached soccer experience to youth in the community, where players learn the importance of citizenship, teamwork, positive attitude, effort, fundamentals, and sportsmanship, in a safe and welcoming environment.  
This past summer of 2020, in the relatively new pandemic era, a contingent of youth soccer clubs in Iowa proposed a new league with the Iowa Soccer Association called the CDL. Episode 85 of the podcast tried to provide a neutral overview of the differences between the CDL and the previously all-encompassing ISL. This week's episode goes in depth into the history of how this situation came about, and provides a good perspective from the leader of an ISL club.